An introducing broker business can be structured in many different ways. We offer solutions that are customized just for you. If you are interested in becoming an Independent Broker or affiliate of any type of 1BillionForex, please contact us for more information.


Types of Forex Affiliate Compensation Methods:

As said, Forex Affiliates are compensated for their referral (why else would they place broker links on their websites, right?). This compensation can take various forms:

Rebates – affiliates, much like and Introducing Brokers, are compensated for a volume their clients make. For instance, an affiliate gets 1 pip for every standard lot his client trades. Industry standard is 0.5-2 pips depends on the broker (market maker or ECN, competitive spreads or not) and currency pairs (majors or minors – minors tend to have wider spreads as they are less traded).

CPA – this stands for Cost Per Acquisition. This type of compensation is paid when a referred client either signs up for a Live account or makes a deposit (nuances are very important here). Industry standard is $150-250 per client and can go considerably higher depending on the deposit size.

CPL – this stands for Cost Per Lead. The affiliate is compensated when a referred trader provides his details on broker’s landing page (marketing page which offers something to the trader while collecting basic details like name, phone and email address). Some brokers offer this if a referred trader signs for a demo accounts as well.

Revenue sharing – This is the most ‘interesting’ type of a compensation. Market makers profit not only from spread but also from some of their clients losses (not every $ lost is a $ in broker’s bank account!) and some affiliate programs go as far as offering part of their ‘revenues’ from clients. This typically stands for part of the losses.


Partnership Programs

Affiliates Benefit Through:

  • »  Instant automatic commission calculation and full access to your commission statement.
  • »  Withdrawal of commissions at any time.
  • »  The ability to add spread mark-up or extra commission is possible.
  • »  The ability to recruit sub-introducers and distribute commission according to your specifications.
  • »  Full package of marketing tools: Banners, market content, website widgets, and landing pages.
  • »  Website design, development, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • »  Personal partnership manager to provide support in timely manner.
  • »  Suitable for Individuals, Corporate, Money Managers, and Webmasters.

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